Meet The FFTI Team

Brendan Paterson

Brendan Paterson is a veteran of the U.S. Navy where he served honorably for four years. Brendan has a proven track record of devoting his time towards his career as a fireman. With over ten years of experience in the fire service, Brendan has served as a Fire Inspector/Investigator as well as a Firefighter/Paramedic throughout his tenure as a fireman. Brendan has also served as the Vice President of Local 3582 and Vice President of the Benevolent Association. Brendan has amassed several State of Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training certifications to include: Fire Instructor III, Fire Officer I and II, Fire Inspector I and II, Fire Investigator, and Live Fire Training Instructor I. In addition to earning state certifications, Brendan has earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Administration from St. Petersburg College. 

Brendan has been fortunate enough to learn a plethora of Institutional knowledge and expertise from his mentors in the fire service. Family is of the utmost importance to Brendan and he is a firm believer in leaving the fire service profession better than how he found it, all while holding true to the traditions and long history of this beloved profession. The fire service is an ever evolving profession, which is why he understands the importance of continuing education within this profession in a more convenient manner. 

Christopher Damico

Christopher Damico has an unwavering devotion towards his career as a fireman. Christopher has been in the fire service for over 12 years, and currently serves in the position of Fire Captain with his department. Christopher graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida, and has earned the designation of Fire Officer (FO) from The Center for Public Safety Excellence. Christopher has also served as Trustee on the Executive Board of Local 3582 and Vice Chairman of his department’s pension fund. Chris has garnered several State of Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training certifications to include: Fire Instructor III, Fire Officer I and II, Fire Safety Inspector I, Fire Investigator I, and Pump Operator.

Christopher takes great pride in the fire service and believes that furthering oneself through education is invaluable. Christopher has dedicated much of his time to philanthropic activities, currently serving as Founder & President of his fire department’s benevolent association, and coaching for Buddy Baseball youth league for exceptional children. Christopher also understands the importance of continuing education while balancing a career and family life, which drives him to constantly seek ways to improve the quality of life for our industry professionals and future leaders through a convenient, quality learning environment.

Ian Kemp

 Ian has served within the fire service community for over 27 years. Beginning his career with Naples Fire Department, he was hired shortly after by Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue where he spent the next 15 years. During his tenure at Fort Lauderdale he spent most of his years as a member of the department’s Tactical Rescue Team (TRT). Ian was an active member of IAFF Local 765 holding the positions of Shift Representative, Treasurer and President. He was humbled and privileged to be granted President Emeritus status from his peers at Fort Lauderdale Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 765. Ian retired from Fort Lauderdale at the rank of Battalion Chief and is currently the Fire Chief at a department in West Central Florida. 

Ian earned the designation of Chief Fire Officer (CFO) from the Center for Public Safety Excellence and is an Alumni of the University of South Florida where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He understands the value of career training and the benefits of education. Ian is extremely proud to join the Frontline Fire Training Institute team assisting those in the fire service community with furthering their education through quality, user-friendly online classes.