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Fire Instructor – Course Package

This Instructor Series Package includes both courses: Fire Service Course Delivery & Fire Service Course Design for a discounted price. 

$300.00   $250.00

Fire Inspector I – Course Package

This Inspector I Series Package includes the three courses: Building Construction for the Fire Service, Fire Prevention Practices, and Private Fire Protection Systems I for a discounted price.

$450.00   $400.00

Fire Inspector II – Course Package

This Inspector II Series Package includes the three courses: Fire Chemistry, Private Fire Protection Systems II, and Ethical and Legal Issues in the Fire Service for a discounted price.

$450.00   $400.00

Fire Officer I – Course Package

This Fire Officer I Series Package includes the four courses: Building Construction, Company Officer, Tactics & Strategies I, and Fire Service Course Delivery for a discounted price. 

$600.00   $500.00

Fire Officer II – Course Package

This Fire Officer II Series Package includes the five courses: Fire Service Course Design, Fire Prevention Practices, Private Fire Protection Systems I, Tactics & Strategies II, and Florida Statewide Emergency Response Plan (SERP) for a discounted price.

$700.00   $600.00




Courage To Be Safe – RN 4807

This free firefighter training module provides an introduction to all sixteen Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives and assists the user in taking the first steps toward addressing these safety initiatives in their job and department. This course is required for Fire Officer certifications