Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding our online learning platform. If you can’t find a specific answer to your question, please feel free to contact us at and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Are all of your courses approved through The State of Florida Fire College?

Yes! All of our courses have been reviewed and approved for online learning through The State of Florida Fire College Bureau of Fire Standards & Training

Are online fire classes a good fit for me?

This all depends on what you expect to get from your online learning experience. Any online fire course is going to require self-motivation and discipline in order to complete with a good understanding of the course content. Our courses will require that you have a basic knowledge of computer skills and internet navigation. There will be certain courses that will require documents or videos to be uploaded to our secure server through links provided within the course. With the online learning environment you will still be required to reference your textbook, and further your learning with your specific fire department training program through company evolutions performed with your crew and company officers. At FFTI, we aim to give you the basic building blocks that you can then use to formulate your own questions to ask when performing your department specific training evolutions, and also give you a few extra tools to help with your tactical and professional development as a fire officer.

What if I sign up and find out that online learning is not for me?

We are confident that you will enjoy our online learning environment. If you decide to enroll in any of our courses and find that the online learning experience just isn’t going to work for you, simply notify us within the first 3 days of your enrollment date, and we will gladly refund you for the course. 

What kind of workload can I expect with your online courses?

At FFTI, we concentrate our curriculum on the real-life application of the course content. We do not believe in assigning “Busy Work” and do not have minimum word requirements for student responses. We believe that the student responses should be graded on the context of the response, not the quantity of words in the response. Some of our course modules will have discussion forums where participation is encouraged, but not required. We want our students to engage in the forums with honest and organic discussion that they feel confident in sharing with our learning community, not just simply typing a response because it’s a requirement. 

How long do I have to complete the coursework?

You will have exactly 30 days to complete the course from the time you start the coursework. The course duration may be extended due to circumstances that are deemed valid on a case-by-case basis. 

If I purchase a course bundle package, do I have to start and finish all of the courses at the same time?

No, if you purchase one of our course packages, you can start the courses individually at your own pace. The 30 day course completion time limit only begins once you start an individual course, not when it is purchased. We recommend starting one course at a time and finishing that course before starting the next. You can wait as long as you like in between starting different courses purchased in a package. If you find that you need additional time to complete any of your courses, just email or message your instructors through your dashboard and make a request for a time extension. As firefighters ourselves, we understand that the fire life can get pretty crazy. We are always here to help you along your path to course completion and want to see you succeed! Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us with any requests or questions along the way.

Why are some of your textbooks different than some of the other institutions' required textbooks?

At Frontline Fire Training Institute, we make every attempt to align our textbook selection with that of the Florida State Fire College. However, through our curriculum development and materials vetting process, we have found that our selected textbooks offer the students a more streamlined path through the required course curriculum than do others. We want to ensure that our students are thoroughly prepared for the coursework, and we have aligned our textbooks to complement our teaching methodology and enhance the student learning experience in the online learning environment. Training institutions are able to select the textbooks of their choice, and are not required to match those used by the Fire College. 

Can I receive college credit for your courses?

Yes! We have an articulation agreement with Columbia Southern University that will allow degree-seeking students to receive college credit for courses taken through Frontline Fire Training Institute. For more information CLICK HERE!

How do your Course Design & Course Delivery courses fulfill the presentation requirements?

For Course Delivery, the emphasis is on your ability to effectively deliver a fire related course. You will be required to upload a video of your presentation through our file upload portal provided during the course. You will be required to perform the presentation in the presence of at least 2 peer evaluators (Fellow Coworkers) who will then provide feedback on an evaluation form that is provided in the course. You will upload the peer evaluation forms and video presentation to your instructors through our file upload link. You can choose to perform your presentation using any media of your choice. You are NOT required to use Powerpoint if you choose not to. We believe that giving you the choice to use your own methods will contribute to your creativity when performing your presentation.

For Course Design, the emphasis will focus on your ability to construct and develop a fire service related course of instruction. You will be required to develop a formal training class/presentation as your course project. The project will be broken into several sections such as: Creating a Course Outline, Constructing a Training Budget, Curriculum Development, Test Item Construction, and Evaluation Form Construction. You will then combine all of these elements to form your final project. You can choose to perform your presentation using any media of your choice. You are NOT required to use Powerpoint if you choose not to. We encourage you to be creative if you want to use a different media to perform your presentation.Your final presentation must be performed in the presence of at least 2 peers, and does not have to be recorded and uploaded if at least one of your peer reviewers is a State of Florida Certified Fire Instructor II or III, in which their Instructor Number will have to be indicated on the peer evaluation form provided through the course.

Will my completed courses show up in my FCDICE transcript?

Yes, we submit all completed courses at the end of the month in which they were completed. Courses must be completed and submitted before 12:00 Noon on the last day of the month in order for them to be submitted into the FCDICE system for that month, otherwise they will be submitted the following month. If you have any questions about the submission of courses, please feel free to contact us at:

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts for IAFF union members and Military Veterans. Please email us at for verification and we will be glad to send you a discount code to use at checkout.