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Florida Statewide Emergency Response Plan (SERP) – RN 9572

This course is designed to introduce students to Florida’s emergency management system, components, benefits, and how the system works. Students will also learn the components and processes for mutual aid and how to run a post incident analysis to assure that needed information is obtained and used to assist with future emergencies.


Your Course Includes

Step-By-Step Learning Modules

All modules have a combination of reading assignments, discussions and quizzes.

Additional Resources

Each course will have additional resources in video or article format.

Instructor Assistance & Access

You will have the ability to access your instructors throughout the course. If you have any questions regarding the course material or need assistance with your coursework submissions, we are more than ready to help!

Frequently asked Questions

How long is the duration of the course?

From the moment you enroll into this course, you will be allotted 10 days to complete the entire course. Feel free to work at your own pace to finish the course, so long as you meet the 10-day deadline and have a final grade of 70%. If you do not finish the course within 10 days, you will not have further access to the course. Here at FFTI, we understand that extenuating circumstances may arise and leniency may be granted depending on the nature of the circumstances that the student is faced with. You must notify the instructor prior to the end of your 10 days in order to qualify for an extension to complete the course. This is by no means a guarantee that an extension or exception will be made.

Do you require any portion of this course to be completed in person?

No, this course along with many other courses at FFTI are solely online. Should any questions arise throughout your learning experience, do not hesitate to reach out to the instructors at:

Upon completion of the course, will FFTI issue a certificate of completion?

Yes, once you finish the course you will be able to download your certificate to your computer, which will then allow you to print the certificate for your records. In addition to receiving your certificate of completion, your instructor will also update your course completion into FCDICE through the Florida State Fire College.

Will this course count towards Continuing Education Units (CEUs)? If so, how many CEU’s will I obtain?

This course will count for 6 hours towards Instructor I, II and III, Firesafety Inspector I, and Fire Code Administrator certification renewal.

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